February 28, 2005

Monday Morning

So far this morning, Sirah and I played with her animals and a puzzle, she drew me a picture and has taken off all her clothes and diaper and brought me a new diaper. Ciaran and I played an alphabet matching game - I placed a letter flashcard down and he guessed the letter and then found the matching block and told me the pictures on the block. We did uppercase today. He did a good job at matching though he did not know many of the letters yet.

While I was playing with Ciaran and Sirah Rhiannon did her handwriting practice upper and lowercase letters, her numbers 0-10, and writing out the names of shapes, she also drew shapes, did about 10 math problems and did a fill in the blank spelling sheet. Now we are taking a few minutes to clean up the playroom and then will move into bible study.


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