February 8, 2005

Thailand Geography and Food Co-op

Writing this weeks review made me realize I never posted about last week's class. This is perhaps because I did not personally get to attend as Sirah and I were running errands for our Little House on the Prairie field trip. Rhiannon and Ciaran both attended with the other moms watching them. I was sad to have missed it as they had great food! Oh wait I mean it was a great class, the food was just a bonus and I missed it _ sad_.

The kids move through this day in stations. Learning about the geography of the country and marking up a big map of the country with the various landmarks and typical geography of water, mountians and desserts, etc as well as anything significant. At the other station they are learning about and tasting food from the country. This time they were excited to try the wide variety of fruit: mangoes, papayas, pineapple (whole) and cocunut juice (fresh from the coconut). They also tasted rice sweeted with cocunut juice and Rambutanwhich had a hard hairy outside. Here is a picture:

They broke for a snack though who needed one after eating all that yummy fruit? The last two stations were to make a replica of the flag of Thailand:

The other station was a discussion and demonstration of a tsunami such as the recent ones in Thailand, for more information on donating vist here. They built a city out of legos and then had water dumped over it on a cookie sheet to demonstrate the destruction.

They ended the class by having their passports stamped with the country name and sticker of the flag. They each have four stamps in their passports now (Israel, Iraq, China and Thailand) - wouldn't that be fun if that was a real recent passport?


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