February 9, 2005

Math Stories

In an attempt to make subtraction and addition more interesting, Rhia and I played a math game today. I told her stories about her uncles using numbers. Such as when your uncle was young he liked playing baseball and I made cupcakes for his team, I made 9 (she wrote the number 9 on an index card) but they only ate 5 (she wrote 5 on another card), how many were left, she wrote the answer on another card. She had already written +, -, and = on seper ate cards. Then she had to retell the story and make a mathmatical representation of the story. I demonstrated the first one with the number cards she wrote and then she did it for three stories. Then she told me stories and I did the equations. I think it helped make it more fun, interesting and creative. It seemed to help her understand some of the relevant ways we use math besides "school" work. It was also a nice casual way to introduce the concept of word problems which can intimidate many.


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