February 20, 2005

Weekend Roundup

We have had a relaxing weekend here. We had friends from Colorado stay with us on Friday. They are good friends, we had never met their kids (4 and 2) and they only met Rhiannon when she was about 2 weeks old. Serona is friends with the husband from grammer school times and we spent a little time together during our college/early married years together though we never lived really close to one another so visits were always far between one another. Still though we connect like true old friends, picking up and catching up after four years. Our lives have followed some similar paths and some very different ones but it was a very enjoyable visit and the kids got along quite well. We already miss them.

Yesterday we took a nap during the day and spent most of the day watching movies, playing board games and video games. We played a big family game of Dr Suess trivia, which we adapted for the younger kids. Ciaran won and Rhiannon was a great sport about it. We made candy rock crystals and listened to the beginning of the Wind and the Willows as our current read aloud.

Today the kids got to play in the snow and enjoy hot cocoa and brownies and as a treat. Serona is painting the kitchen and living room now and I just finished a more intricate poncho I was working on. It has been a good and relaxing weekend and a much needed one after Serona travelled this past week.


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