February 9, 2005

A Moment of Bliss

It has nothing to do with education, nor will it be exciting to many of you. However, to me it was wonderful. It happened at 3:09 this afternoon, was briefly interrupted at 3:16 and then came to abrupt halt at 3:39. For just a moment I had complete silence! Believe it or not for 30 minutes I had three sleeping children and 2 sleeping dogs in the middle of the day! It was so quiet I was unsure what to do. The answer was clear, lay down on my couch (all the beds were taken) with a pillow over my eyes. The phone rang at 3:16 and I was sure it was over, but by God's blessing they all slept through it until 3:39 when a hard coughing fit brought Sirah toddling out to the living room. Ah, savor that moment. Now back to regular scheduled programming of three sick kids.


1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:20 AM

    I know JUST what you mean! I savor those rare moments as well, though I can't honestly remember one since Keian was born!
    Good for you for attempting to nap! It is the only responsible thing to do under the circumstances. :)