February 9, 2005

Five Senses

Today we started a science unit on the five senses. Rhiannon read three books about the senses and decided she wanted to focus on tasting today. We did a tasting experiment where she was blindfolded and very trusting of me. She would taste whatever I put in her mouth and give me some observations about it. I made notes and these are the notes, so they may be a bit rough.

Pretzels – salty

onion – hot and bad tasting, sour – pickles

pepper – banana pepper – bitter

banana – banana sweet

orange – juicy – sweet – orange

cashew butter – nutty – peanut butter

butter – sweet – not like much

cream cheese – creemy cheesy sweet – cream cheese

tomato sauce – bitter – tomto sauce

hummus – plain sweet

honey – bitter – no idea

vingear – bitter lemon juice

chocolate bar – nugget with chocolate

vanilla – plain

curry – sour cinammon

chili powder – cinmammon

mustard – spicy – salsa

carrot – crunchy – carrot

raisin – sweet – raisins

chow mein noodle – crunchy – tasy sweet, chow mein noodle

onion – hot pepper

mnm – sweet bean maybe chocolate

ice cream – sweet – ice cream

We will continue with a similar experiment for each of the senses this week and into next. I did offer Ciaran to try but he wanted nothing to do with it once he realized that it would involve things other than ice cream and chocolate. Rhia was brave and really enjoyed it even when she dove for the water after things tasted bad.


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