February 14, 2005

Love Letter to Serona

Let me count the reasons I love you in no particular order other than stream of consciousness

1. You are my best friend
2. You are my lover
3. You are the smartest person I know (and that includes me)
4. You love me unconditionally
5. You know me for who I am and still like me
6. We have three beautiful kids
7. We have great debates and making up is even better
8. We drink fine wine and eat fine cheese
9. We both dreamed and made a home library a reality
10. You are a man of God and a role model at that
11. You are hardworking
12. You are generous
13. You always put your family first despite the consequences
14. You have political ambitions and talent
15. You listen to and respect me
16. You roughouse with our kids
17. You are silly in a fun way
18. You continue to try to find jokes I will find funny
19. You wear a kilt
20. You make me a better person
21. You eat whatever I put in front of you without complaint
22. You graduated to dark beer from Rolling Rock.
23. You are a life longer learner and teacher
24. You embrace and enjoy change
25. In seven years of marriage we have had 6 homes in 3 states, 3 kids and 2 dogs!
26. You tolerate and more importantly love my friends as they are your own
27. You expect and demand the best out of me
28. You love Star Wars passionately
29. You are a writer
30. You are my editor
31. You embrace and support homeschooling 100%
32. You built me bookshelves
33. You let those bookshelves stay in your entertainment and star wars area
34. You provide so amazingly for our family
35. You are humble always bringing the focus back to God and his provision
36. You are an environmentalist
37. You are a social justice activist
38. You are a fellow blogger ;)
39. You made me start blogging
40. You are an early adopter and brought me along
41. You bought me Roomba
42. You bought us a leather couch for our library
43. You surprise me and my friends with dinner and a limo
44. You have impeccable taste
45. You never fail to surprise and impress me
46. You pick up other people's trash
47. You teach our children about stewardship
48. You give generously to the church and charity
49. You inspire me
50. You encourage me when all others doubt me
51. You stand up to me
52. You are the only other person I know who honestly and consistently tries to live as consistently and honestly as I do.
53. You chose me
54. You stick by me, no matter what
55. Our marriage is truly represented by the claddaugh (friendship, love and trust)
56. You've accepted and adopted all our crazy family Irish traditions
57. You are a patriot
58. You are a leader
59. You love our kids unconditionaly
60. You truly forgive AND forget
61. You put a computer in our kitchen despite my protests (what was I thinking?)
62. You made me love dogs, especially our Aussies
63. You dance with me
64. You challenge me
65. You support all I do even when you may not agree
66. You are a loving and amazing father
67. You "Buck up, buckaroo"
68. Duetornomy 8
69. You taught me the value and importance of homebuilding and homekeeping
70. You are patient with my flaws and faults
71. You make us fly a kite
72. You ride your bike to work
73. You eat leftovers
74. You sashay
75. You research, evaluate, decide, and then adjust your life to live by the truth
76. You introduced me to Belly
77. You love 4ad
78. You encouraged me to stick with Lord of the Rings when I wanted to give up (the book)
79. You attachement parent, despite bed sharing and nursing for over 5 years now!
80. Tear in my hand
81. Hiking with burrs in our sweaters
82. Sunflowers and Lattes
83 Portalnd, OR
84. Pale
85. Chess, Hearts, and Gin Rummy
86. Amtrack
87. Two Princes
88. The Dome Room
89. A Clean Room and a Puzzle completed in college
90. Sewing Star wars costumes for our entire family
91. You woo me with your guitar
92. This Mortal Coil
93. We drive a minivan
94. Toad the Wet sprocket
95. Your backrubs
96. Our wireless network
97. Amtrack
98. J6
99. Frogs, Princesses, dogs
100. Growing old together
101 Iron sharpening Iron
102. No more umbrella drinks
103. You kept your bargain about the dogs
104. You give me your knee every night
105. You get up every morning and go despite the difficulty
106. You give me wise counsel
107. You believe in me
108. You believe in our kids
109. You are self assured
110. We are going places
111. Biking and camping in the summer
112. Boogie Borading on the east coast
113. Admiring you from the audience while you are onstage
114. Being able to say "That's my better half"
115. Knowing you will always be there

There are many other reasons, but here are a few. Happy Valentines Day my love!

1 comment:

  1. You are amazing Tenn. Truly amazing. How? let me count the ways.

    because you:
    1.blog for me when I'm away
    2. blog about me when I'm away
    3. introduced me to guinness
    4. encouraged me to have a terminator stout for you this evening

    because I:
    5. almost stole a pint glass for you from the Ram's head
    6. didn't steal a pint glass because I thought of what I would need to tell the kids.
    7. love that you asked me to anyway
    8. love that we did steal pint glasses 11 years ago.

    because you:
    9. gave me directions to get here
    10. wrote letters to me on blue lined paper
    11. thought you were no good for me, then wised up (or thought what the heck)
    12. let me answer the phone when GS would call
    13. invited me to come back "any time"
    14. didn't balk when I did
    15. opened up with "I never" outside 801
    16. drank soco and coke at the lagoon
    17. keep up with the family
    18. encourage our kids
    19. embrace frogs for our son
    20. got home safely.
    21. pray for me
    22. pray with our kids every night
    23. see an end in sight for the family bed.
    24. can teach others how to research
    25. sharpen me
    26. make me a better man
    27. encourage me to aspire to and be more, better, smarter.
    28. are a leader
    29. eat edamame
    30. bikes!

    because I:
    31. still find you incredibly sexeh
    32. still prefer to be in your arms than a bar
    33. still prefer to be in bed with you (and the 3 children) than in king size alone
    34. wish you were here
    35. can stand Pink Floyd and Dan Fogleberg (but not Melissa!)
    36. adore 4AD
    37. remember so many nights with you, me, candles, and Dead Can Dance.
    38. can still make your toes curl like the other night with Enigma, candles, strawberries, champagne, and body butter
    39. can make you blush as you remember that night too.

    My dearest, as we are apart this Valentines day, I have so many years of wonderful memories of and with you that I am overflowing with them. Each one is precious to me (40. mardens 41. just friends 42. Hot Burrito #1) and they spill over each other getting out (43. lunch at the graveyard 44 never knowing how far one dollar will go. 45 Magic 46. bowling balls 47. curve 48. the pit of despair). This place has so much of you and I floating and haunting here still (49. rose garden). It is a wonder that people do not see me and say “ah-ha, so that was YOU – where is she”. But you are there, and I am here, and this day of hearts and cards and flowers and promises is nearly over. Nevertheless, let me say that (50) I love you and we’ll toast together for many many more years.