March 15, 2004

Big Day for Sirah

Well little Sirah is growing up so quickly! She is nearly seven months old now and has had a very big day. Over the weekend she was getting her bearings to crawl and still is. As soon as you sit her down she leans over to crawl. Today she managed to crawl backwards! She can also get herself from sitting to a crawling position and rocks back and forth on her hands and toes. She can even get from that position back into a sitting position. Then today she decided to roll over for the first time, she went from her back to her stomach. I was thinking she would crawl before roll - but I guess it will be a tie!

Well the days of sitting her down and expecting her to stay in one place are over! I guess we will begin the babyproofing process again. I am amazed at the changes in her. She has two teeth and appears to be working on two others. She is babbling and playing with toys very well - she is pretty independent and has a red headed Irish temper combined with her German stubbornness (watch out) and you can tell she really just wants to be moving. I don't think it will be long before she masters crawling. She even began moving her hands and feet together (she fell right on her tummy though).

I'm off to finish my bible study questions and enjoy the afternoon with the kids.


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