March 9, 2004

How Do bees make honey?

This was the question Rhiannon asked at lunch today. We weren't even having honey but I guess it popped into her mind somehow. So I was about to give an off the cuff answer about bee spit - when I responded with I am unsure I will look it up for you. She said "well you can do it right now" and pointed to the "answer box" (our computer). I finished making lunch, put Sirah up in the backpack and started my search.

The first site I found was How Stuff Works which gave a rather complex explanation for a 4 year old. Though it was interesting and both simple and technical. I paraphrased it and then Rhiannon said "just read it to me mom, I'll understand it" I told her it was complicated but read. Then they had a cupcake each and I found a much more fun site. I highly recommend a visit to the Honeybee Hive on the PBS site. It is definitely worth the click.

This is a fun multimedia account with fun music and animation and simple short explanations of the processes of pollination, storing honey, larvae, and the beehive (and the different types of bees). My kids really enjoyed it as they sat and watched from the table (our computer screen is wallmounted in our kitchen) finishing their lunch. Rhiannon asked to see every section and even wanted to do them again.

We will finish the lesson up with this fact and coloring sheet from Enchanted Learning and by sketching a bee in our nature notebook. We will also spend a little time browsing this site (mostly for the pictures) on Bee Care.


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