March 3, 2004

Paper Dolls

Yesterday we had a lot of fun cutting out character dolls and playing with them. The kids favorite site was Fashions from the House of Skywalker - Luke and Leia Paper Dolls. We cut out and played with Luke and Leia paper dolls a good part of the afternoon.

Another good paper doll site is Making Friends. We printed out several of the career doll outfits for C week and used them to talk about careers and then just for play.

We also searched for some other favorite characters online and discussed what characters are in a story. The paper dolls and reading really seemed to bring it alive for them. I enjoy using the paper dolls (though we did empty our ink cartridges yesterday!) though I warn you if you have small children be ready for most of the cutting to fall on you as there is ALOT of detail cutting!

A great free activity for kids and easy to save and reuse. They even sell magnetic printer paper you could use to make magnetic dolls. We may laminate some of the cardstock ones we printed and then attach some sandpaper to the back to make them felt friendly. The sandpaper works really well to stick onto a felt board. The making friends site also sells precut "friends" in foam and cardstock (I have also seen these at school supply stores) - though I think it is just as easy to print and cut them out yourself.


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  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

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