March 3, 2004

C activities

Yesterday we spent the morning with friends. Rhiannon and her friend played dolls, college and candyland. They also took the animals on an adventure. Ciaran did an ABC puzzle and then played colored pegs with his friend. They also played a color matching game. I actually gave them cookies for a snack!

After our friends left they had lunch and quiet/naptime. I did school with Rhiannon which mostly consisted of reading and talking about books. We covered cheetahs, crickets, cockroaches, caterpillars, coral reefs (and several things that live there that start with C), castles, carousels, colonial America, Rachael Carson and Mary Cassat. We talked about each book for awhile and the concepts and I answered questions.

We spent the afternoon cutting paper dolls and playing with them. In the evening Rhiannon attended our local caucus with Serona. Serona said Rhiannon did very well there and it is important to us that they are raised with the political process as a natural part of their life. We will talk about citizenship and the capital today to further her lessons. She also learned a little about campaigning and has a campaign sign in her bedroom window (she asked if she could).

Ciaran, Sirah and I went to a meeting on Child Safety with fellow homeschool moms.Ciaran stopped in the library and got out a Clifford puppet and some books and then played quietly on the floor during our meeting with them, his chalkboard, some cars and his colored pegs. On the way to the meeting we talked about C words the whole time (about a 30 minute ride) he was very cute, concerned that I would put him and his friend Caleb into the C book and telling me that our car was too big to fit. It was so special to have that time just with him to teach and talk together.

All in all it was a great day of living out the letter C. Good thing too because Sirah is sick today and I am unsure how much we will accomplish. Right now the kids are watching Cinderella. We had to cancel preschool because of Sirah's cold - but I'm sure we will find something to do. Have a great day!


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