March 26, 2004

Great morning!

We've had a great morning. Rhiannon worked through 4 pages in Phonics Pathways and made very few mistakes on her blends. She was actually excited to be working through them. Then we did a review of the blends we learned by me saying them and her writing them,, she did a great job - only two times did she get sidetracked. The first time she said she could not write an S because it looked like a 5 and would I please help. I asked her to try herself and then she kept asking and I drew it on the easel and she was able to copy it. The other distraction was funny. She said "Mommy I know it is an E sound but I just want to write G can I?" I said no please write the correct sound and she said "but I already made the G next to the S, can I do it again on the next line?" She did so and the rest of the lesson continued.

Then we moved onto math - she wanted to do abacus work but then decided on a few workbook pages instead. She practiced writing 0-10 and ordering the numbers. She did connect the dots from 0-10 and then counted items in a set and circled the correct number.

After math she did some spelling believe it or not! I picked up a copy of Spell Time at a garage sale last year and pulled it out today to see what she would do with it - she loved it and surprised me with what she could do. This is a nice set because it has a picture of the word and then the correct number of spaces next to the word - the tiles are color coded and self correcting (though I'm not sure she even realized this) and it is easy to use. Rhiannon simply sounded out the words phonetically and she only got stuck once (on the a in goat) she did the following words correctly on the first try by herself: cow, sheep, pig, dog, and she needed help on goat. I was so proud of her.

We were going to start our Story of the World lesson but she seemed restless so instead we made a pizza with our wooden pizzamaking kit. Then we strung wooden beads into necklaces as I pretended to be her daughter. Ciaran and Sirah were both content to just play on the floor nearby during this time though Ciaran joined in when we played with the pizza and beads. We did a quick cleanup and then I sat down to nurse Sirah to sleep (and write this) while they are on a ladybug hunt. It is beautiful outside and we will head out there shortly for free playtime and maybe bike riding. Enjoy your day!


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