March 11, 2004

Unknown Routines

We have been blessed with a visit from Grandma for the past week and it is a lot of fun. We are all really enjoying our time together. During this time I discovered something I did not know - we have become a family of routines! I guess I did not realize that we have paterns to our days that we follow and the benefits of those patterns until we stopped following them. We are enjoying our visit though and I am glad we let things go for awhile.

The kids and I have a rhythm to our days that I enjoy. We spend a lot of time reading together snuggled up on the couch and time in spontaneous lessons. We sing and dance and just be crazy together. Our whole week has a pattern as well. We tend to do certain things on certain days. I have cleaning and laundry routines and I think the kids even have some routines to their play. I never realized all of that until we stopped doing it. I wonder how many people just settle into the patterns of life without realizing it.

A break from routine can be a nice change of pace as it has been in this case. A return to routine is also nice as you settle back into your days. I have decided to extend our G week into next week as well. This break has been informative to me of both the things I like and do not like about our routines. Hopefully we will be able to continue the things we like and let go of the things we do not. I suppose we all have habits - both good and bad and it is important every once in awhile to realize and evaluate them and continually improve upon them.


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