March 12, 2004

Recent Activities

It has been a slower week on school here at our home. We have just been trying to take time to enjoy Grandma's visit. Yesterday was a puzzle morning, the kids each did about 6 puzzles. They needed some calming activities as they were sort of bouncing off the walls again. Rhiannon and I read a book about Germs and then talked about them quite a bit, she wants to do an experiment with growing mold today that she learned about there.

Grandma has taken time to read them books as well and Rhiannon has even managed to practice her reading some. We have been talking about different G words and just moving through our week with the letter. Yesterday they took some time to listen to definitions of all the G words listed in their interactive dictionary. Grandma was making Rhiannon curtains and a comforter for her room so the kids got to watch her working on the sewing machine some. This will be Rhia's first "girl" room with purple gingham and a beautiful blanket Grandma made her to go on top of the comforter. Even Ciaran got a new makeover to his room choosing a "Finding Nemo" theme.

Thankfully Sirah was back to herself yesterday, happy and playful. Recently, she has been quite crabby due to her sickness. She really wants to crawl, she keeps rocking back and forth and she moves from a sitting position to a crawling position quite often, but then she falls on her tummy and gets mad. She still shows no interest in rolling over - she just wants to sit up and be in the middle of it all. I am glad that grandma gets to spend atleast some of her visit with a happy girl.

We have been making file folder games again - this time for a friend's birthday party. I made 9 games this week to divide up among 3 of Ciaran's friends with upcoming or recent birthday's. Ciaran was excited to pick out which ones to make and I will put the finishing touches on some for a birthday party we have today.

The snow is melting here again, though it is still cold. Yesterday I awoke to a sunny day and was excited to get the kids outside until I saw the weather and realized it was 14 degrees again and negative with the windchill, even the dog didn't want to stay outside for long. We are supposed to warm up to near 30 this weekend. March is such a confusing month in Minnesota, it seems you never know what you will get next and just when you think the spring is coming, winter roars back in like a bear.


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