March 31, 2004

Mom's Time

Last night I had coffee with a girlfriend and it was wonderful. This woman was able to refresh and encourage me after a long and sometimes challenging day. We were able to talk about different approaches and styles of homeschooling, why we chose to homeschool, and our history. This friend is a member of my homeschool support group and what a great group of women that is for me!

Just this past weekend I was able to meet another mom from this group at the Borders Educator Sale. We chatted for quite awhile about parenting and schooling and just life in general. We were able to help each other think of different strategies and to encourage one another. We browsed the parenting and education sections of the store and looked through the discount books together - making recommendations and sharing what we have learned. It was another great time and so helpful to me.

It is so important to take time for those moments for just ourselves. It is amazing how much they can refresh us! We have so much to offer one another and learn from each other. I also love that we feel comfortable enough with one another to just open up about who we are and what we have been through. It is so nice to find people in your life you can just be real with.


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