March 25, 2004

Ciaran's Birthday Take One

Today we had the families from our homeschool group over for a playdate - we also celebrated Ciaran's birthday. He was so excited to have everyone over. Last night I made cupcakes and cookies and the kids put together goody bags for their friends (sidewalk chalk, colored pencils, pencil eraser, sticky bugs, little toy animals, sunglasses and stickers). We had 10 kids here ranging in ages from 3-11. Thankfully the rain held off and they spent a good part of the time out in the yard running around and playing on our swingset. The kids really seemed to get along well for the most part. They played down in the play/school room and several of the older ones played board games and then some of them played "school" sitting in our desks and using the easel. We decorated cupcakes and had cookies. Ciaran had opened presents almost immediately as people came in the door - he was so excited. Ciaran and another 3 year old boy ended up in the bath after they had a sand fight. The day closed with everyone singing "Happy Birthday" right before they headed out.

Ciaran had a great time and I don't think he would have enjoyed anything more than just having the freedom to run around the yard with all his friends. It was nice for us moms too as we were able to sit on my couches and then at the table and just chat while we watched the kids play in the yard. A perfect birthday party for a 3 year old boy!


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