March 29, 2004

Ciaran's Birthday Take Two

We had a second celebration for Ciaran's third birthday this weekend. He had about 8 friends come over and they played in our school/playroom and then had a chocolate frog cake with green candles as Ciaran described it. They ran outside and played in the yard and on the playset for awhile until it started to rain then they all scrambled inside and headed back downstairs to play.

Serona decided to allow them to expend their energy by climbing and wrestling on top of him, he also organized playing with puppets and in general was a lot of fun for the kids. Ciaran had a good time - though he started to complain that his ear was hurting and then got pretty tired. He went into another room with Serona and took a real short nap while all his friends continued to play and then he came out refreshed. People slowly started to leave and eventually we ended up with one other family staying for dinner and a movie (after we put all the kids to bed in various rooms of the house).

All in all it was a nice day and I am glad we had two seperate parties as I think we would have been overwhelemed had we had everyone here all together. I also really enjoy the fact that we do family parties and always invite all siblings from a family. Some people were surprised at this choice - but we had a 7 year old boy here yesterday who was fabulous with all the kids - he was pushing them on the swings and just in general getting along with everyone. At our homeschool group party we had several older children and I think it really adds to the fun on the party. One of the benefits of homeschooling is your kids get accustomed to playing with and enjoying the company of a wide range of kids in both age and gender. I really like that our homeschool group ranges from 7 months to 11 years old, it only serves to benefit both the children and the parents.


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