March 3, 2004

Why I Love Musicmatch

Well I finally purchased Musicmatch Jukebox MX after much hemming and hawing and I am so glad we did. Our house is wired to work very nicely with this system. We have a Lyra to our surrond sound system and a computer upstairs and another downstairs so nearly every room in the house can listen to the music.

We have had the free service for a long time but recently upgraded and I love the "Artist on Demand" function. It is like having an unlimited CD collection and for homeschooling it is so nice. They have composers on demand - which allows you to select one or multiple artists to listen to - so each day we listen to Vivaldi (semester composer)and then a composer of the week.

They have a lot of variety. Recent listens include: Enya, Chant (monks), Erasure, Indigo Girls, Phish, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Caedmon's Call, Rich Mullins, Nicole Nordeman, Sarah McLachlan, Pink Floyd, Lorenna McKennit, Howard Jones, Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Billy Joel, James, Barenaked Ladies, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Everclear, Dan Fogelberg and Sheryl Crow. But they have much more variety than that. Well worth the money if you have dsl/cable and a nice speaker system.