March 3, 2004

Continuing C

Today we worked on our C box and filled it with items that begin with the letter. To name a few currently contained in our container: cat, cheetah, cow, cricket, car, clown, court jester, clara (a favorite doll), clownfish, crab, crayon, chalk, and a crown. Then the kids lost interest and wanted to color with chalk and colored markers. Then we did some reading and practiced counting. I let them watch Nemo after a discussion of clownfish and coral reefs. Again they got a snack of cookies. We worked on classifying cars (emergency, construction, and passanger cars). We also cleaned a little and listened to classical music while we worked and played. I discussed climate with Ciaran and we read Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. This afternoon we have errands and I will let them play with clay, read some more C books and head off to church.


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