March 8, 2004

Education Week: Home Schooling article

An education week article offers some interesting information about homeschooling. From the article:

Data from the U.S. Department of Education suggest that although families who home school represent a wide spectrum of racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, most are white, religious, and conservative. Most are also well educated, middle-class, and have two or more children. According to a survey of parents who home school their children, almost 50 percent say they do so because they believe they can offer them a better education at home. Another 38 percent cite religious reasons. About a quarter say they want to avoid exposing their children to what they consider traditional schools "“poor learning environments"” (Bielick, et. al., 2001)."

I suppose our family fits that demographic as well. Our reasons for homeschooling also cross all the reasons listed. Primarily we believe we can meet our children's individual educational needs better than the public school or even private school system. We also disagree with much of that which is taught and is not taught in the school systems. The fact that our children are not "socialized" in a Lord of the Flies type environment is an added benefit in our minds as well. See my post on socialization here.

To read more check out >Education Week: Home Schooling .


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