March 30, 2004

Morning Lessons

Today we started with some Phonics work in Phonics Pathways - we did four pages of blends and making words from the blends. We also played a vowel game where I said the sound and she had to point to the letter than she said the sounds and I had to point to the letters - it was fun. I must admit she got me once - she was right and I missed the sound - she couldn't stop laughing. I highly recommend this with young readers - she was doing a great job at all the sounds and thought it was a lot of fun.

Then we did some workbook work (her choice) she did beginning and then ending consonant sounds. Three pages total, two circling the right sound and one completing the word by writing in the missing ending sound. She surprised me by choosing and doing that page completely correctly. Then some nursery rhyme recitation. She choose three and I choose three. Then we read a little about an art piece and I asked her questions about it. Then she described what she would draw herself. We looked at "Snap the Whip" by Winslow Homer.

She then drew in her sketch book a picture of two children playing and called it "Playing Oh Go". She asked me to write the description of the game down as "They need to capture the little boy and get in line. Then someone needs to rescue them." She enjoyed looking at a painting, talking about it and then drawing one herself.

We finished up with a bible verse memorization and story. She also recited her past 7 verses. I amazed at how well she is retaining it. She still gets the chapter verse parts mixed up but has the exact verses memorized and remembers them with a one word clue. I've even seen her apply them on occasion.

Well we are off to get ready for our friends coming today and I have a bunch of LLL work to catch up on.


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