March 19, 2004

Warming Up in Minnesota

It feels like a heat wave here, we are actually going to reach 50 degree today. Of course you need to add in the 45 mile an hour wind that we have that makes it feel colder than it is. Still it feels so warm we have spent a good amount of the day outside. The kids finally got to ride their bikes today - they have REALLY been missing that. We bought new helmets and realize that Rhiannon might even need the next size bike already! I still can't believe she learned to ride a two wheeler when she just turned 4! I was wondering if she would forget - but as the old saying goes - you always remember. The older kids rode up and down the driveway while Sirah slept inside and I sat on a chair crocheting a baby blanket for a friend - who had a little girl just last night! I am really enjoying crocheting and it allows me to be with the kids and also do something else. After Sirah woke up I headed back inside and the kids played on the wooden playset in the backyard and in the rocks until the wind was too much for them. They came in and we had hot cocoa and lunch.

We actually got some work done today too. Rhiannon started out by practicing writing straight lines (both vertical and horizontal), then she did self checking math cards in addition and subtraction and a subtraction file folder game. Then we did some copywork and finished up with her reading me a chapter from the Dick and Jane primary reader she just got. While we were doing that Ciaran played quietly on the floor with scissors and paper - he is really into cutting and then with some stickers. He took out a felt kit on making a rainbow with fruit and then did some wooden puzzles, he finished up with playing with his train set. Sirah moved around on the floor and mostly ate whatever came near her mouth. The faithful Aussie laid in the room with us very mellow.

We decorated our bathroom today in a fish theme, the kids helped me and they really like it. I think we are finally done - until we get around to painting and hanging artwork. We actually have curtains up so the neighbors no longer know every aspect of our lives! The house is really coming together and for the first time it feels like a place I want to stay instead of a place I am in for a period of time to be determined. Of course this is we are talking about so you never can be sure (we have had six homes (in 3 different states) since Rhiannon was born just over 4 years ago!

The kids are napping and I did some LLL work, and reading the news and cleaning. The afternoon is all about laundry and making dinner - perhaps they will want to be outside again.


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