March 9, 2004

G week

We began G week yesterday and things will likely be run differently this week as Grandma is visiting. Rhiannon originally wanted to do the letter Z this week but decided that G would be a better option as Grandma was here. We headed to the library last week and filled up with our books for the week. We began yesterday with reading "My G Sound Box" by Jane Belk Moncure. Rhiannon wrote the letter G on the chalkboard and then did a page of practice letter G's in her workbook. She was excited to be able to show Grandma. Ciaran played with green play doh while Rhia and I read about Gulls, googles, gardens, and grandpa's quilt. Rhia then made gulls and the letter G out of playdoh. In the afternoon we put together our G box and filled it with some items like: gorilla, giraffe, goose, grandparents and grandchildren (photo), curious george, green pepper, a few other green items, a gate, grapes, girl, guy, globe, goat, glass, grace and gloria (dolls with G names). Then we made cupcakes with grandma (the hit of the day). I even got to go out sledding with the kids in our yard (which I never get to do) for quite awhile. Rhiannon also read one of her Primary Phonics readers to grandma and I.

One cute moment happened when we were getting ready to make dinner and cupcakes. I asked the kids what they wanted to listen to while we cooked and Ciaran said "classical music" and Rhiannon said "Vivaldi" and I reminded them that they could both be happy because Vivaldi was classical music. They were both content with that. It is so nice to me that the kids enjoy listening to classical music, and are learning to ask for composers by name.

Well off to enjoy this G day and whatever it brings our way.


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