October 1, 2003

Astronomy and the Arc... This morning was free time and the kids decided to play with their Noah's Arc. I promise I did not even direct them in that way. Rhiannon remembered that it started with A after Ciaran just started playing with it. I keep the arc up and out of their reach as it is a beautiful wooden one that would not survive normal wear and tear of my kids. They had a lot of fun playing with the arc and all the animals in it. I am going to follow up with acting lessons where we will act out the animals that were on the arc (not all of them), I think they will have a lot of fun with that.

I also received in my email a link to the astronomy picture of the day which happens to fit in nicely with our lesson plan. If you are interested in astronomy or science in general, check out Astronomy Picture of the Day. The image will change daily and includes a brief description of the image. Today I will reread Archibald Frisby by Michael Chesworth. We will use this as a springboard for the science we are going to cover: a brief overview of what astronomy and anatomy are. With some images and coloring pages to go along with it.

Have a blessed day!

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