October 7, 2003

The freedom of homeschooling... As we begin our journey it is nice to remember the freedoms that homeschooling offers us, even the seemingly little ones. Recently we have tossed around the idea of moving again (both in the area and to a different part of the country) and it was nice to know that schooling would not be an issue no matter what we decided. I do not need to stress or evaluate school districts and worry that we move to the area with the "right" schools.

Now granted I do need to take into consideration their homeschooling laws or policies (especially statewide policies) but that seems to be a much smaller task to investigate than comparing the school results and the million other details I would want to evaluate before moving my children into a new school. Who wants to think about all that when you are already trying to make a big enough decision about where to live. It also frees us up to live in areas I like but would never consider because I don't want my children in those school districts for a variety of reasons (standards, safety, demographics, lack of diversity, curriculum, etc) and that makes finding a home that much easier. It also frees us up to move throughout the country without much stress about schools (other than evaluating the states friendliness to homeschooling). To someone like me, who likes to move frequently (8 years: 6 states (NY, MA, IL, OR, GA, MN) and 11 homes), and dreams of living in an RV and traveling from state to state throughout the year this is a very freeing concept.


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