October 3, 2003

Sickness and Organization... Well we are all sick here and have not been up to much truth be told. Last night Serona brought our third and final bookshelf downstairs into our school/play/family room. Today the kids and I spent the day organizing that room. We put books, toys and school supplies on the three beautiful bookshelves Serona built us and downsized what would not fit nicely on the shelves or in rubbermaid tubs under the futon. I am very happy with the end result.

I've been online trying to find a foam number puzzle mat to complete our alphabet one, but they only seem to come together which will not help us as we have the whole alphabet already! There are a few odds and ends that will make my wish list to complete that room but overall I am ECSTATIC with how it turned out and we are already beginning to enjoy it.

We have three bookshelves (like you would find in a preschool) filled with good things to learn, experiment and play with. Then we have two wooden desks. The nice ones that have the chair attached and the top flips open so each child has their own storage space. We have a two sided easel (whiteboard and chalkboard) and a big piece of felt I place over that when we do felt board work. We have a full computer station. Rounding out the room are our two Montessori wooden work tables.

Well we are off for a family dinner at Taco Bell (mmm...nutritious). I will try to get back and blog more tonight.


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