October 13, 2003

Calling all homeschoolers... Please watch CBS news "Eye on America" program tonight! According to information available the program will address homeschooling in America and " that the intent of the report is to encourage further state and federal government regulation of homeschooling."

Please watch the reports tonight and tomorrow and take action if necessary. As we do not have TV we cannot watch it tonight but I do have friends taping the special for me and will report back when I know more. Don't take your rights to homeschool for granted and be sure to stay on top of the news: good, bad, biased and unbiased. I am reserving judgment until I see the special but I am concerned based on information I have heard so far. This includes a summary directly from CBS: which states "Homeschooling has produced some brilliant young minds.. but there's a dark side to the movement that is putting children's lives at risk. "


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