October 31, 2003

Roses on my table... Serona brought roses home tonight from work - what a treat! I love fresh flowers on my table and it has been awhile since it was roses (I am usually a sunflower kind of gal) but roses are perfect for the moment. We have had a stressful few weeks and we just made it through Serona traveling for business for a week (he headed to Disneyland while we had our first glimpses of freezing rain and snow!) - he is back now thankfully. In addition our house in on the market and we just dropped the price by 10,000 in hopes that it will sell quickly. It is a hard market here now. But I look at the roses and I remember to take a deep breath and smell and relax.

Sirah is sick, she woke up from a nap with 103 fever. While normally just letting a fever run its course I need to admit such a high fever in such a little one does make me nervous. Take a deep breath and relax again, remember God is in control. I am finally recovering and it seemed everyone was on the mend here. Perhaps this shall pass quickly. Another stressful week coming up. But the roses will be on my table.


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