October 7, 2003

A visit with neighbors... I just finished a nice tea time with my next door neighbor, a wonderful man in his early 80's. He is newly widowed and he and his wife in many ways are like grandparents to our kids. They were married for 51 years before she passed away and mow he is home alone during the day/ I can not even imagine what that must be like for him. But we had a wonderful afternoon tea while the older two slept and Sirah nursed and sat with us. He told me stories of the war and his wife and his marriage and travels. We shared our thoughts on politics, social issues and education. He is a good man and I enjoy spending time with hum. I am glad that I invited him over today.

You know it truly is the small favors of our time and stories that often mean the most to people and bring us the most joy. I think we were both able to offer that to one another today. As he enriched my life with tales of his own and brought a friendly face to my day we both offered each other the simple and free gift of companionship and made each others days better. Just a simple half hour and the day seems completely different.


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