October 25, 2003

The importance of a support group... Several moms from our homeschool support group just left my house and I need to thank them again. Today was "Mom's morning out" and I could not go due to the variety of things going on in our lives right now (sickness, moving, travel, newborn baby, etc). One of the moms decided we would just move the moms morning out here to my house if I wanted and they came over to hang out and to help me!

And help they did! We had a very hectic morning - we had to pick up our buying club order and take Rhia to Irish Step Dance with the whole van full of boxes. I arrived home to one of my friends sitting on our steps waiting for me. She was quick to help and took Sirah and chatted with the other two while I unloaded the car. Soon two more moms arrived and helped out with the kids and helping me unload and unpack all our monthly bulk groceries (including 15 gallons of soy milk). Then we just sat on my floor to chat, it was wonderful.

Wonderful to know there were women willing to come around me in my time of need and help out. Wonderful to get to know them and hear all their stories and share some of my own. Wonderful to feel the support of these women that I am just getting to know as if I had known them for years. And their help and friendship is genuine (you know when you can just tell) and for that I am truly thankful.

As a culture we so rarely surround our neighbors, communities and friends with help and love. I have really found that within the homeschool community. People aren't afraid to get involved in your life and to let you into theirs. That is a refreshing change of pace. I read an article in Mothering magazine ( an outstanding publication on parenting) called "Finding Your Tribe" and it was one of the best I have read. The article talks about finding your own tribe or "family" and really coming around one another in love and support. It always reminds me of the old adage "It takes a village to raise a child." Let us always remember to come around one another in love and friendship - like these wonderful women came around me today.


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