October 16, 2003

Life in Absolute Chaos... I'm not sure life could possibly get any crazier (though I truly hesitate to say that in fear more will come) than it is at this moment. We are putting our home on the market this weekend (on one week's notice and preparation). Perhaps no big deal you say. Well our whole house needed new carpet throughout the entire upstairs and painting in 4 rooms before we could show it. Okay possible in a week, yes. Possible in a week with three children under 5, sure with stress.

Now let us add the fact that in our house everyone is sick with a head/chest cold. We have had two ear infections, a bladder/uti infection, and a wisdom tooth coming in. We have an 8 week old baby who has been sick for nearly a month. Okay still managing. Then the carpet people inform us they will not be able to remove the carpet and we need to do it and we need to have all the furniture out from the entire upstairs. Sure. We now have all our furniture from our bedrooms, living room, front porch downstairs in our basement with all our family room/school room furniture and this is where we are all sleeping for the past two days!

The good news is the carpet people will be here tomorrow and this will soon be a happy memory of close family bonding. All I can say is praise God for his faithfulness it truly is amazing what he has accomplished and how faithful he has been. We never could have done this ourselves. I will likely be without much computer access tomorrow. I imagine you can understand why.


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