October 27, 2003

For the youngest among us... Okay so I admit it I was too lazy to find and print out black and white images and flashcards for our infant. We used these with Rhia and Ciaran and well Ciaran had a penchant for chewing things and they did not make it through. The lazy part of me headed off to "babies r us" and "toys r us", I hardly ever go to these stores - I failed they did not have what I was looking for. Friends were astonished that I was actually looking to buy them instead of make them myself - we have MANY homeade teaching tools - and this one seemed so easy. Well for once I decided to take the "easier" road and it was far harder, I loaded all the kids in and out of the car multiple times and never found what I was looking for.

In the end a good friend gave me this website which has some nice free printables for infants. Before you get on my case for pushing my kids too hard too young (Sirah is just 2 months old) I don't actually do the black and white images for education (though that may be an added benefit) I do it because my kids love staring and them and I think it is better than staring at my bedroom wall during changes and the back of my minivan seat during the MANY hours we spend in the car. They really are fascinated by these images.

So in the end a homemade solution was best. If you are looking for black and white infant images or black and white flash cards, visit the site, run the slideshow and print each image on cardstock, then laminate them. I also like the poster printout, laminate that and punch holes in the top and run string around it to fit around the back of your carseat (though please don't let your child play with it with the string - for obvious reasons) and enjoy watching your babies face as they interact with the pictures when they can't be interacting with you. Always remember you are still your baby's favorite toy but in a pinch or for a change of pace I find these work nicely. So do black and white images of mom and dad's face also laminated to survive baby handling.


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