October 23, 2003

Getting our groove back... Well life could stay crazy for awhile until the house is sold - but we really need to get back into our groove here. So today we started to try to do that. This morning Rhiannon and I worked on patterns for a long time, with blocks and worksheets and crayons. She went in and out of being frustrated and enjoying the work. Ciaran played alongside us building block towers and always wanting the blocks we were using for our pattern work.

We also spent some time working on our favorite file folder games and puzzles and flash cards. Then we had a neighbor friend over for open play time and everyone had a good time. The boys played well together and we let him play with some of our file folder games and his mother is interested in making some for him. Then we had to split for lunch and my kids needed an early nap as today was science class at the nature preserve.

Science class today was a lot of fun for the kids. They learned about colors in nature and how we see colors. They learned about the difference between light being absorbed and reflected. They learned about the famous ROY G BIV. They learned about how we process light. Then we went for a hike on the trails and looked for all the colors out in nature (on the trails, the animals, the sky, etc). During this time they also collected leaves and berries to use to make dyes.

We returned to the classroom and the children did an art project of making a bracelet that was dyed with natural dyes made from cottonwood leaves and berries from a variety of trees. They enjoyed the whole time and even Ciaran managed to keep still through most of the "Class" parts. It was truly enjoyable to be outside for awhile today on a nature hike and it was nice weather for the walk.

We sat in traffic for an hour on the way home and then arrived home for a dinner of Boca burgers, fries and corn with soy milk and vegan raspberry bars for dessert. The kids wound down by reading quietly in the living room by themselves and now are with Serona for their bedtime routine. As for me I am finishing this sentence and heading off for an early bedtime in hopes of kicking this cold.


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