October 7, 2003

This afternoon... I should get up early more often! We have gotten so much done today and I have blogged more than I do in a week sometimes and it is only 4pm! My mothers helper is here now so I have time to work on afternoon cleaning and special time with the baby and finishing up dinner.

After naptime (Ciaran is still sleeping - wow) Rhia and I worked some more (she asked too) on the letter E and math. We discussed some numbers that started with the letter E (8, 11, 18, 80). She did several worksheets on the number 8, counting, estimating and matching numeral to objects. Then she practiced writing the numbers 8, 11, 18 and 80. She even learned the proper way to write an 8 (she was making two separate circles when we started) though she does much better with the dotted numerals than free form.

She also worked on left and right and a worksheet that had all the location concepts on the same page making her think through relationships between all of them. To finish out that lesson I asked her questions about various objects throughout the room and then made her use descriptive sentences she made up such as the dinosaur is to the right of the giraffe which is above the flash cards.

We also went through almost half of the "E" English Pictionary Dictionary , an absolutely WONDERFUL resource. She was especially interested in entries for ear and eclipse and we did a connect the dot puzzle of an easel and she asked to print out and discuss the map of Egypt. I really enjoy working through this resource with her and it gives us many words for our letter lists.

Well I need to be off to spend time with my littlest.


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