October 17, 2003

In the thick of it... Here we are in the thick of it all, carpet man upstairs, handy man downstairs, all of us crowded into the spaces of the family room that is not piled high with furniture. Yet we are having a good time, making the most of the situation.

We ate our breakfast of corn flakes (gasp) and soy milk on the floor in the bedroom. Then we moved into the basement for the day. We played duck duck goose (even though I live in the Midwest now I still can't accept duck, duck, grey duck) and built a little people village on our car rug. We drove the little people and the animals from the school to the zoo, to the barn, to the amusement park and to the construction site. We reviewed animal names and sounds and talked about colors while we played.

Rhiannon lost interest in this faster than Ciaran, so she went on a trip to the moon with her space helmet on and saved a little bird in the forest. She brought the bird home to take care of him. Then we did somersaults on the floor and then they asked to watch a movie. So I put in the Tigger Movie and sat down to blog before Sirah wakes up for the day.

The kid have already lost interest in the movie, fine by me and they are working on wooden puzzles on the floor now. Rhiannon has done a simple animal mother and child matching puzzle and Ciaran is playing with one of his favorites a butterfly and insect catch puzzle which has a wooden butterfly net stick with a magnet that allows you to pick the butterflies up with the magnet and then put them away. They both like that one, while Rhiannon waits her turn she is playing with a wooden block puzzle that has 16 painted wooden blocks, each side of the blocks is a different puzzle, it is a very tough puzzle actually. Truth be told she usually does not have patience enough to get through it.

When Sirah wakes up is nursed and changed I think we will head outside for awhile to play in the yard and run out some of the energy that has been cooped up from being in chaos all week. Though yesterday we were over the house we hope to buy and while we were looking around the kids played in the yard and had a grand time on the Rainbow Play System that is already there are will stay. YAY and just running the perimeter of the yard while I timed them and then rolling down the hill.

Well Sirah is up, that is my cue.

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