October 20, 2003

Things here... Well things here are slowly settling down and hopefully we will be getting back to life as usual sometime this week. We are headed to the laundromat as we are nearly out of clean clothes - we have been without a washer for quite a few days now (we have even started using disposable diapers). It is another unseasonably warm day here in Minnesota and I think we will go out rake the layer of leaves that fell last night (we had a clean lawn on saturday night) it is amazing how many leaves our yard manages to find. Though I shouldn't be shocked with all the mature tress we have in our yard!

The kids are surivivng, they enjoy eating out nearly every day for atleast one meal and they are happy to have access back to all their toys and school stuff. Though they have expressed that they miss sleeping in the basement as a family. As much as we love the family bed here, I can't say I miss it and am happy to see them back in their bunks!

We have read some this morning, played some and now are headed outside.


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