October 21, 2003

Kudos to Claritin... I thought the header might grab your eye. How and why is Tenn praising a medication and its company? Lest you think I have became an advocate for pharmaceutical companies and the like let me be clear I am only giving them kudos on a particular issue and make no claims about the medication and anything else the company may or may not stand for.

The company that makes Claritin allergy medication deserves our praise as a homeschooling community. In response to the outcry from homeschooling activists Claritin pulled it's sponsorship and advertisement from CBS's programming. Claritin was scheduled to sponsor the second part of the program but withdrew in response to all the calls and emails it has received.

Thanks to all of you who made calls and voiced your opinion, we are making a difference. Thanks to daryl over at Homeschool and Other Education Stufffor the heads up and link to the full story found at
Sponsor Pulls Ad from CBS News After Homeschoolers' Complaints -- 10/21/2003.


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