October 2, 2003

Why I Love the Library... We have spent part of the past two days at the library and I think we will continue to go twice a week as long as the kids continue to enjoy it so much. They are well behaved (sometimes the check out wait gets a little hairy) and they enjoy themselves. Our daughter was so excited and so proud that she got her very own library card. To her it is a treasured possession - perhaps I have influenced that thought as I feel the same way about my own. She keeps telling everyone that she is old enough to have her own library card.

I have always used the library I can still remember getting my own first library card. I didn't know where to begin. My mother told me when she was a young girl she started at A and just kept reading. I thought that was a great idea and started, though truth be told I skipped around quite a bit. By the time I got to college my library use was so ridiculous and I spent so much time there I decided to get a job there. When I got frustrated with understanding Government Publications I got a job there to force me to learn the system.

I had so many books out and so many inter-library loans in college that I was sadly infamous (my fines were often bad). My favorite day of the week was when we shelved the new books (I always made sure I worked that shift so I could view first) and I never left without a stack of books. As I was a debater in college my reading was very varied and in many ways that has never changed.

Now as a homeschooling mom I am back to ridiculous amounts of books out at the same time and my children have embraced my enthusiasm for the library. They even walk right past the video sections to the treasured book sections. Even though we get many of our books through the reserve system we still always go over to the children's section and let them pick out a few to read while we wait and a few to take home. Today we left with about 25 books! Atleast I returned almost half that many! LOL!

Well we are off for storytime. Blessings to you and yours.

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