October 16, 2003

CBS spoofs... My husband is always able to see the humor in things and deal with them in a fun way (as well as his serious and logical responses). Here are a few recent ones:

"Next on CBS Eye On America: The lurking dangers of Drivers who Chew Gum and Drive at the same time (but without drivers licenses). We are urging Government Oversight of the Gum Chewing and Driving people who show wanton disregard for life by chewing gum and driving. (but we wont tell you they are not legally driving)

Eye On America interviews the CEO of Wrigleys Gum:"I see no connection between gum chewing and dangerous driving..." Yet we at Eye On America and CBS have unearthed earth-shattering information: The CEO of Wrigleys has 17 PARKING TICKETS in Atlanta, GA. He too chews gum.

And just last year police reports in Fargo N. Dakota indicate that in 2 fatal auto accidents (but we wont tell you it's 2 out of 200,000) someone in the CAR WAS CHEWING GUM at or near the time of the incident.


Spearmint seems to be the culprit in more accidents than other flavors but ALL GUM CHEWING and driving is dangerous. We at CBS are urging Federal investigators to spend your tax dollars investigating and hopefully regulating the sale of this auto-accident-inducing substance"

And of course here is the now well known Homeschool Sping: A look at the Dark Side" spoof. Link courtesy of Daryl over at Homeschooling and Other Education Stuff.

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