October 15, 2003

Home Schooling Nightmares...CBS presented part II "Home Schooling Nightmares" last night. While I really wish I had more time to answer this poor piece of journalism I simply do not. I will simply reieterate my point about the last piece that there is no casual evidence or links between homeschooling and child abuse. And point out a few highlights.

According to the report - CBS estimated 850,000 children being homeschooled and found "dozens of cases" of abuse.

My first question - how does that compare with public school statistics? I'm guessing more than dozens of children (nationwide) who attend public school are victims of abuse. But I do not have the time to research it right now.

My second question - where are these dozens of cases - I count 5 presented - one which was admittedly not even legally homeschooling. I'm sorry but these are cases of child abuse by people who happened to be homeschooled. What is next "The Dark side of McDonald's: Children who are abused and also eat McDonalds"

There is also the whole point that CBS never showed a solution to this problem or how regulating homeschooling more would prevent any of these crimes. There are other laws on the books that can be used to protect all children.

And the most absurd thing in the whole report in my mind was this quote: "Not one state requires criminal background checks to see if parents have abuse convictions." So we are going to check homeschooling parents only for a criminal background? There is no law that ANY parent should have a criminal background check to have children, why in the WORLD would there be one so they can homeschool? I mean where is the logic? Is anyone home at CBS?

Okay my rant is over. There are several good and well written responses by bloggers with more time and patience than myself right now. See Homeschooling and Other Education Stuff for the North Carolinians for Home Education's response. Also Icky over at The Homeschooling Revolution has several good points. And Joanne at The Happy Homeschoolerhas some great points including a list of the sponsors of the show. I always enjoy what Kimberly over at Number Two Pencil has to say - she has a nice summary of several other responses as well.

You can also read the Homeschooling Legal Defense Agency's response.

Finally here is a phone number to call CBS/Viacom about the piece: (212) 975-5005. Call and give em grief.


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