October 16, 2003

CBS Run around... Want to get more frustrated? Here are the results of calling the numbers.
These are the numbers various homeschool associations are encouraging you to call.

1. Viacom President and CEO - Mel Karmazin at 212-258-6000

Here you talk to a live person who refers you to this number (212) 975-5005 where you can leave a recorded message about the program. Which they claim will be expressed to senior staff and management. Somehow I am not hopeful.

2. CBS Evening News - LA Bureau at (323) 575-2202

Here you again talk to a live person who refers you to Viewer Services at (212) 575-3247. I have been unable to get through to this number - it is always busy (a good sign perhaps)

UPDATE - okay I finally got through - you need to let it ring a LONG time when it is finally NOT busy. I've discovered why the phone is so busy - they have ridiculous hours 10-11:30a.m. and 2-3:30pm EST. That is the only time you can talk to someone, otherwise you can again leave a comment on an answering machine. I'll let you know this afternoon if I actually get to talk to someone.

I encourage you to call all the numbers listed. Do leave a message on the recording expressing your feelings - however don't let them get away with just forwarding us to voice mail make them talk to all of us!


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