September 16, 2003

Another reason to homeschool... Serona and I have had many discussions about how cultural diversity and multicultaralism seems to be overtaking our public schools. Glad to know we are not the only ones noticing this and demanding a change. Fox news reports U.S. Students Need Better Civics Education, Experts Say and I believe it is true. We are replacing our lessons in civics and history with a focus on multicularalism and tolerance and diversity. Don't get me wrong I believe these are important things for students to be taught, but they are not the only things that need to be taught. Children need to be raised to be proud of being an American and with a solid understanding of what our country was founded on and the underlying values inherent in democracy if we intend to keep a democracy in this country.

From the article:
Last month, the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation released a book titled, "Where Did Social Studies Go Wrong?," which lambasted the way social studies are taught in America's schools.

The volume criticizes university professors who steer future teachers in too liberal a direction. It attacks weak civics curricula and a misplaced focus on multiculturalism, and expresses particular indignation about the way the Sept. 11 attacks were handled by educators.

At the very time we most need our citizens and future citizens to learn what it means to be American and why America is worth defending ... the part of the school curriculum on which we must rely for help has turned into a hindrance. It’s not getting the job done. It’s wrongheaded. It may even be making matters worse," reads the book's introduction, written by Chester E. Finn, Jr., president of the Fordham Foundation.

This is just another reason we are beginning our children's formal education here at home so they can get the basics before the basics get diluted by the "social causes and issues" of the day. Our children will learn about diversity but they will also learn about civics, democracy and what it means to be a good citizen.


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