September 18, 2003

Morning work... This morning we started at 6:30a.m. and it has been productive even if it takes longer. I was actually able to get a good quiet time, I am reading and journaling about the book of Hebrews now. The kids were awake but had to stay in their beds and red while I had my quiet time. Then it was up for breakfast, the ever exciting oatmeal (which they actually love) and then cleaning up the house. Then out in the yard for bike riding for about a half hour. Then yard pickup with a timer (if they beat the timer they get a treat - they did) and now inside to get ready to go out. First we made sure the house was picked up - again trying to beat a timer. Then I got 10 minutes of computer time (including now) while they read quietly in their rocking chairs. We are headed off to the store now and then to science class this afternoon at a nature preserve.


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