September 20, 2003

Irish Step Dancing... Today we had our Irish step dancing lesson and our daughter was so excited. She really seems to enjoy the classes and is already beginning to do some simple steps that she wants to practice and demonstrate for us all. Serona took her to her class and I kept the older two busy at a park and grocery store.

I had a great time with our two year old - it was nice to have some special us time as the baby was asleep in the sling. We walked around the produce aisle of the grocery store and he pointed to things and I told him what they were or he told me the ones he knew. We talked about colors of different objects and he told me whether he liked them or not (garlic, onions and peppers were the big losers in this area). We actually had a conversation and it was amazing to me how much he talked when he was alone. It was wonderful and I truly enjoyed it.

We picked up a snack of dried cherries, garlic sesame sticks, carbonated lemon water and chocolate soy milk. We headed over to the nearest picnic bench and shared our snack. Then we ran around a big open field and smelled the flowers and watched the butterflies. He told me a story "The pig climbed up the tree, he fell down, he took a nap, the end" but it was cute to hear his story. He also sang Happy Birthday to a butterfly. We had fun.

Serona said he had a proud daddy moment and loved watching her dance. She enjoys it and seems to be picking up the steps so far. When she left class and saw me she was so excited she ran up to me telling me "she did it" with the biggest grin on her face. It was priceless.


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