September 15, 2003

The importance of physical play... Sometimes in my excitement for the cerebral aspects of our lives I forget to mention and focus on the other aspects of it - like play time and physical achievements. Today I was really struck by the fact that I have not mentioned that both of our older children learned how to ride a bike this summer. Our son has finally mastered his tricycle by himself and can ride alone (with supervision of course) in the street and is all over our yard. Our daughter is completely self sufficient on a two wheeler already! I really was surprised, she is only 4 years old (as of July) and she does it all alone now (from putting the helmet on, to starting, stopping, turning and steering).

Today was our first big biking adventure. The children both were able to ride their bicycles to the park along our neighborhood streets with us right by their sides. Somehow that made them seem so much older to me, especially watching my daughter on a two wheeler. I think in many ways I was not ready to take the training wheels off her bicycle - but that is why she has two parents. Her father worked hard with her and it really paid off. She is so proud of herself and well she should be. She was determined and she was able to learn and now it is a skill she will always have.


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