September 25, 2003

This Morning... Today we have had a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal, apples and an english muffin with toast and orange juice. The kids have had some reading time and I had my quiet time. I was able to journal some for me and then some in my oldest's journal. The kids are in their imaginary world playing together and yet independently and the baby is napping. I was reading news headlines while finishing breakfast and now it is off to clean and start the day.

Today we are headed on a field trip to ride a trolley and then have a picnic lunch at a park. The weather is nice (though it is definitely fall here) and everyone is looking forward to it. Then we will stop at the library on the way home and pick up some books and make some photocopies and let the kids have some playtime there. We also may make a run to the cooperative to pick up the few specialty items that we could not get through our online grocer.

Anyway today will be a day on the go so I won't be around much. I will let you know how it went later tonight.


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