September 29, 2003

A is for... Today we worked on the letter A, we collected an items that begin with A in our little "A soundbox" and we kept a word list of all the A words we used today (we went looking for many of these) and I thought I would share what we have collected so far. I divide the list into categories and we try our best to fit the words into the categories and when we are done we will have a similar sheet for each letter. We work on this sheet all week long.

Animals: Ankylosaurus, ant, alligator, antelope, ape, aardvark, acrocanthosaurus
Bible Stories: Adam and Eve
Body Parts: Arm, Ankle
characteristics of God: Awesome, Attentive
Clothing: Apron, Athletic Wear
Emotions: Anger, Afraid
Flowers: Aster
Food: Apple, Acorn Squash, Applesauce
Household: Artwork
Names: Arthur, Angelina, Aslan
People: Astronaut, acrobat, John Adams, adult,
Places: Africa, Antartica, Australia
Science and Nature: Animal, Antlers, Acorn
Toys: Abacus
Transportation: Antique, airplane, ambulance
Descriptors: Above
Math and Time: April, Addition, Adding
Tools: Ax, anchor
Misc: Arrow
Challenge Word: Antidisestablishmentarianism

By the end of the week that list will be longer and there will be a few more categories added that we did not manage to work on today. We talked about each of these words and what they meant. Not because I believe my children will understand all these concepts perfectly but I want them to be familiar with the language and different concepts even ones way more advanced than their level. Someday their brain will be jogged and they will be able to recall this mental post that has began and can add the material to the word as they can understand it. Besides they are actually interested now and enjoy learning and they surprise me with what they pick up and retain.


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