September 7, 2003

Two dollars well spent... Sick of all the bugging me to "buy" them something when we go into the store I took a new pre-emptive strategy. They could each pick out two "school items" one notebook (target has 70 page books for a quarter) and either crayons or colored pencils (.30-.50 a box). They were so excited and I spent less than two dollars! Added benefit, the excitement lasts and we really get our money worth as they now each have their own portable portfolio I keep with us to keep them busy when we go somewhere or times like now when I have to finish cleaning up I pull the books out for some free art time, each has their own supplies and they even share! Each has their special notebook and it is a self-contained portfolio for each of them.

Tonight that two dollars has already paid for itself. They both had a great time and our four year old has made several drawings and is practicing free writing of her letters and numbers. I was amazed at how well she was able to do them, of course they are very large and some are backwards but still she did a great job and our son is very artistic and his drawings were fun to look at.


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