September 19, 2003

Best Laid Plans Go Astray... Well so much for my planning. We ended up changing the whole plan and having a very different day. We never got moving that fast this morning and by the time we were done with outdoor playtime the baby was sleeping again and we wouldn't have enough time for errands so I decided to do impromptu school stuff (we are not "officially starting kindergarten until october 6th).

We went down to the basement and I set the kids each up with a puzzle while I got things organized. On one of my trips upstairs I noticed that the floor had muddy foot and pawprints all over it so I decided to mop it up quickly. Well what should have taken five minutes turned into a fiasco. I accidently bumped the bucket and water spilled everywhere. While I was frustrated and struggling to clean it up the kids are yelling from downstairs that they need me. I tell them to wait because I am busy and they come up to tell me there is a flood downstairs and it is raining from the ceiling! _Sigh_ what a way to discover that there is a leak in your ceiling. So I spend the next half hour or so cleaning up the mess.

By then the kids had their fill of puzzles and I had only limited time before the youngest woke up. My oldest wanting to practice with her sewing cards and I worked with our two year old on his shapes - he is tracing big wooden shapes and telling me what shape they are. My daughter got bored and did another puzzle and felt board kit on a lifecycle of a butterfly (follow-up from yesterday's science lesson).

Then we all did a felt board kit together "Making a Rainbow" a cute poem about different colored fruit and what they make when you stir them in a pot. The kids took turns adding the right items to the pot and talking about the colors. They actually both enjoyed it (though it probably too old for one and too young for the other) and they played well together and took turns nicely. I nursed the baby through this activity.

Then they each did a craft with cutting and gluing felt and scraps of paper and stick on foam letters. They both had a good time and I was able to supervise but hold the baby. Our son played with his leap imagination desk and worked on his numbers and my daughter cleaned up. I asked what else they wanted to do and of course they answered with read. So we read and then made lunch and laid down for naps (a bit early so we could be ready for our clay coop class).

I awoke when my two year old came in and realized we were going nowhere. I had a blinding headache (the kind that affects your vision and thought) and realized it was unsafe for me to drive and probably for me to even leave the house with the kids. I called last minute to cancel (and felt terrible about it) and then had to explain to our daughter why she couldn't go today (she was sad and disappointed) and then why I could not function the rest of the day and her and her brother would take turns picking movies so I could sleep with the baby until the headache went away.

The kids must have realized I was serious and could sense my pain and were on their best behavior. They complied and laid together on our futon and watched movies (taking turns picking the video) until I could function again. Meanwhile I took tylenol, drank water and laid down with the baby until I felt like I could stand up again. Getting up only to change the video when the last one ended.

The tylenol finally kicked in and I was able to get up and function. The kids wanted me to read them books so we all got in our rocking chairs (they each have a small one on either side of my glider) and I held the baby and tried reading. It actually hurt, I could not believe it hurt to read to my kids! But I kept going for a few stories as I felt so bad about making them watch movies all afternoon. I read until their father came home and took over.

So not a banner day here - but we did get some stuff done and you might as well know the bad with the good. I am feeling a bit better now, I am just back to the dull headache I have had for the past two weeks.

I probably won't blog much this weekend as we have several things going on (Irish step dancing lessons, apple picking and an apple festival to name a few). Hope you have a good weekend yourself.


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