September 26, 2003

Upcoming Study... Today I woke up with another one of those blinding post partum headaches so we will have a take it easy day here at the house. Hopefully it won't hurt as much as the last and I will be able to read (it is so unfair when it hurts to read to your children) to them. Today we will finish up our Trolley study and I was originally thinking of taking another ride on a different one in the area but we will see.

Yesterday we got books out of the library to start our Fall Harvest Study (child selected): we will learn about apples, squash, pumpkins, etc. We have already gone apple picking once but will likely go again. This time I will try to find a place they can see apple cider being made as a follow-up to How do you make apple cider lesson and perhaps a corn maze to go through.

I love homeschooling at this time of year because fall is my favorite season and I love being outside and sharing this season with them. There is so much fun to teach them about including fall leaves, apples, pumpkins, farms, and the change of season. We will also do some study on leaves and go for a walk through the forest and a long drive to see the color changes. I would love to camp but I am a bit to nervous to with a newborn.

Other upcoming study areas will be "October Fest" as Serona wants to have an "OctoberFest" party. And Spanish is on the list again as our daughter picked up a "Spanish in the Kitchen" workbook and tape at the library yesterday. And we have been listening to the Little House on the Prairie series on tape so I should figure out something to do in relation to that.

Well I've typed as much as my head can handle right now and my daughter is pleading with me (yes it is true) to do some "school stuff". Aaah the joy of young learners who crave knowledge. Who can fight that momentum?


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